Dent Station - England's Highest Mainline Station

Wednesday 20 September 2017


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The station is four miles from the village of Dent. Dent is positioned almost half way between Leeds and Carlisle.

By Train:
Since it is broadly mid way between Leeds and Carlisle on the Settle to Carlisle railway line, there are approximately five trains a day in each direction all stopping at Dent which permits visitors to access the station directly by rail. The approximate journey times by train are as follows:

Leeds – 2 Hours
Carlisle – 1 ½ Hours
London – 4 ¼ Hours
Glasgow – 3 ½ Hours
Manchester 3 Hours
Birmingham 4 Hours
Given that the train stops at the station, it is possible to get to Dent station from anywhere in the UK rail network.

By Road:
Dent station is situated on the road known at the Coal Road which links Garsdale Head with Cowgill. It’s best access via Garsdale Head from the A4684 or from Cowgill off the B6255 which runs from Hawes to Ingleton. It is also possible to access the area through Dent Village and also through Deepdale, although this is a fairly convoluted route and best avoided unless weather conditions are good you have plenty of time on your hands.

The station building is separated from the actual station by a traditional timber fence and access arrangements to the property are by prior arrangement only.

By road, Dent is accessible from the M6 Motorway exiting at Junction 34 through Hornby towards Sedbergh and ultimately Dent.

From the opposite side of the country the property is best accessed from the A1 near Beadale via the A684 to Hawes.

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